Field Reports

FR: Weekend bootcamp successes

P.D. was a weekend student. I met him as one of the acquaintances of my assistant, Viral. One We were watching some infield videos and he came over and all he could say was “No Way!” as he watched Mystery open sets hook and demonstrate IOI’s.

P.D. is an American Hero. Army. Returned from the Gulf only to find that his wife was having an affair. He was a traditional gamer. Nice guy. Offering to provide rides, gifts, and be at the beck and call of every woman he was interested in. Of course his results with women were terrible. He too had been brainwashed by the corporate media that women were attracted by men that gave everything to them without question. Most PUAs know this is not true and that a needy man who gives up everything to women he puts on pedestals only gets put in the friends zone or the nice-guy zone and frustrated that the diamonds/cars/homes/hero paradigm does nothing to attract a woman no matter how many ads on tv or movies or cartoons or chivalry novels say the opposite.

After seeing me and Viral and Koios in action, he saw there was a different way.

This weekend he invested in a bootcamp to finally turn things around so he would NEVER be placed in a position like he was in his divorce nor ever be placed in the friends zone again. In one weekend the results were astonishing. After my base lectures in an abbreviated format, watching some video with Viral, watching us in field, and sarging in field for 2 nights, he got multiple numbers and 1 full close and 1 woman texting him to plan a close. Friends zone no more.

In our first night I used my now-famous 1 hour hypnosis, NLP, EFT session to rid him of approach anxiety. After his first open he was smooth sailing and could not be contained. No hesitation to open any longer.

American Heroes deserve a fighting chance with beautiful women as well, and I am proud to be a part of his education and his growth. Kudos P.D.

Successful bootcamp

Camped with 3 men and an approach coach. We ended up bouncing 7 people to Men’s Club after hours. Ladies with Men who don’t count taking full advantage…

Let’s just say the guys did VERY well after a day of lectures and hypnosis. Oneitis no more. Also we learned some style advice from Dapper Style house at 317 Morgan Street. If you want to update your avatar in Raleigh, NC, that’s the place to be! They are very knowledgable, and women looking at your ass to make sure your pants fit your ass perfectly cannot be beat for making sure you look your avatar best.

We went to my secret training location and one of the students showed how quickly a turnaround can be made from inner game reworking through training and hypnosis when he number closed within minutes of entering the venue with a single CPA. At venue number 2 we picked up 7 people and had women that we had cold approached to come with us to a stripper bar after hours. Next we taught the boys high level sexual and erotic hypnosis technique so they would be masters in the bedroom. If any women ever rejects them again, she lost her chance at a high-level lover! Duh!

Kudos to the guys who spent the weekend bettering their lives and learning how to set boundaries and do takeaways. Friends zone no more. Seduction zone here they come.

FR: Borgata hotel and Casino: Master Pick Up Artist Haven

Click here if you want to learn how to run sets at some top venues such as the Borgata bar scene as I do below.
Was there last evening in Atlantic City. 2 Hotties (10’s if you rate them physically which I don’t) walking from the garage to the elevator to the casino at the same time as me.

HB#1: I love your shirt.
ME: Thanks.
(Best answer courtesy of my wingman. No explanations. No try hardiness. Just say thanks.)

HB#1 and 2 look me up and down. Peripherally I see the one stop at my shoes. The shoes and shirt have already hooked them.

HB#1: So what bar are you going to? (IOI obviously)
Me: My buddies are playing the Gypsy bar. Joe Bachman and the Crew. You should check them out.
HB#1: Is he muscular? The guy last night was way muscular and awesome.
ME: No he’s lovable in a big way. You guys look like you are from Ohio.

HB#1 and 2 look at each other and laugh.

ME: Nothing wrong with Ohio. I’ve had some ex’s from there and they were hot too. Don’t hate.

HB#1: You are awesome what do you do?
Me: I write dialogue for soft porn movies. You know. I write the OOH and the AAH parts.

HB#2: OMG you are so funny. You need to party with us.

Me: I’m not from here I just drove in from North Carolina for the night.
HB#1: Well you’ll be needing a room. Get one and we’ll party with you later. Here take my number.

Me: Ok here you take my phone and put it in and dial it so you have mine. So not Ohio. Where you from?

HB#1 San Diego
HB#2 Syracuse.

Me: OMG my ex-gf just moved back to San Diego (DHV)
HB#1: Oh OH what did you do to her that she moved so far away?
Me: I told her to get far away from her controlling parents because I couldn’t be with her until she straightened herself out from her overcontrolling, narcissistic parents. So nothing I did. If it weren’t for that we would still be together.
HB#1: But all the way to San Diego?
Me: She never left it. She still had a car there. BUt she needs friends and a job so I’ll give her your number, she’s really cool.
HB#1 OK!

I walk into Gypsy Bar with each woman arm in arm with me. (“Now that’s all you get”)

Now if you haven’t met me, I’m 5’6 and these girls were at least 5’8 and with the 4 inch heels on.

My social proof was through the roof when I walked in. Each guy wanted to know me and each woman was wondering who I was based on their body language. I had no problems opening the rest of the night. Number closed several women, Had a 14 set that I ran with ease (12 girls 2 guys. Those guys needed help and nothing less than hot women in the sets.) One table of married women was funnily the toughest to crack but had them laughing and taking my facebook, then opened a bachelorette party of 6 women. Palmread the bachelorette. She pawned me off to her very hot single sister. Got her number too.

Had multiple women from the 14 set pulling me to isolate. (I love when I don’t have to do the work, the social proof does it for me and the genuine vibe I strive for. I hypnotized one woman to orgasm in the large bar and then the flood gates busted open with all the women opening me after they saw what she got. (Thanks for teaching me that Cliff Y.)

Night ends with the band dedicating the song “Mmm Bop” to me and the lead singer DHVing me on the mike. And a little shenanigans with the two women who first opened me from the parking lot.

Overall a good night. If you want to learn rockstar social circle and social proofing like this, come to a bootcamp. I’ll show you how. Click here for bootcamp schedule.

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