The following is a 39-minute video case report done for area51 lifestyle. Mike Long interviews me for the case-study video report on how I number closed the “Most popular Character” from all the cycles of the tv show “America’s Next Top Model” after using social sarging to get VIP at a Concert. There she was with one of the guys from Survivor. I opened. She showed me erotic videos on her cell phone. Number closed. They are married now and they were dating at the time (I didn’t know it) but she was definitely attracted. Come to think of it so was he LOL.

It also describes where I came from and where I was at just a few short months into the game. At this point I was 6-7 months into the game. He also coaches me through grounding sequences. Who do you stand for? Who are you? The grounding sequence is used in comfort where you promote yourself for a while, and tell your story, your core, and the foundation of who you are. Funny thing is I don’t do my grounding sequence anymore. Women discover my foundation over time but feel it through my confidence. Once you truly know where you are coming from, a woman will know you are grounded. I help my students through that process as well.

Now during the coaching session, I ask a question about what to do next to get to the Kiss closes and beyond because at that point in my early game I’m attracting but not getting beyond that many times. At the time the interview occurred I was good at opening and attracting but did not get many k closes. After a bootcamp with Kosmo 2 months later I found out what I was doing wrong to not get as many K closes.

I wasn’t making my statement of intent.

I never told the girls that I liked them! Now it’s the most important part of the sarge. And it’s one of the most powerful lessons I give students who get stuck at the same place.

After all that negging and junk people learn to “knock them 10’s down from their pedestal” (Yeah, abuse) its nice to know that if you do it with a statement of intent, you are actually not abusing, but teasing and testing to see if she is good for you. That’s why you smile when you tease, you don’t tease to death or neg to death only to tell the girl nothing about your intent for putting her through all that! The SOI solidifies that you are attracted after she has certainly demonstrated that she is attracted. Before knowing that I was leaving lots of girls hanging after they told me they were attracted too.

Lots of good information here. It’s funny to listen to it again and see where I was so long ago and where I’ve been.

The video is at the link below.