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This is the upcoming schedule of bootcamps and info regarding topics/location/cost

  • Upcoming bootcamp information upcoming due to Pua World Summit upcoming. We focus on YOUR specific needs and improvement opportunities. Special college student discount applies. Payment plans available. COST: 1000 plus expenses. Expenses includes gas (25 dollars per evening of day of bootcamp split amongst participants), meals, and club entry fees and my Diet Cokes (which are usually free!). Contact for more info.

Below you will find the Training events calendar for Technoslaughter. You will also find events I will be participating in from affiliates. All bootcamps are money-back guaranteed for 30 days after the bootcamp. I will personally be involved in your training, and the bootcamps are limited to 5 people to ensure high-quality personal instruction.

What do my bootcamps include?

  • 1. At my bootcamps I provide leading-edge lectures on PUA concepts and technology including gambits, inner game work and newest theory. We can work in different formats: NLP, Mystery Method, direct/indirect game, inner game, day or night game.
  • 2. I have a set of foundational lectures that allow you to understand the newest foundations in evolutionary psychology and relationships.
  • 3. We can focus on your specific needs and work on your improvement opportunities for the entire weekend.
  • 4. Classroom is several hours training before we go “In field” to train you on your newfound knowledge every evening. I learned Mystery Method from Kosmo who learned directly from Mystery for 2 years, NLP from Ross Jeffries, bedroom technique from David Shade, Same Night Seduction from Nick Quick and Epik, and most other methods directly from the gurus in the game. You will get the freshest theory and knowledge to get your game where it needs to be faster than ever. Let my years in the game with the top gurus work for you.
  • 5. We can do avatar/personal-style improvement and training. I have several women stylists willing to help you with your style, clothing, hair, grooming, and overall look.
  • 6. For those with approach anxiety, I will use NLP, EFT, and Hypnotherapy as you desire so you can go right in field an hour later with absolutely little to no approach anxiety. We will do that in the first day so the rest of your weekend you can work on what really matters.
  • 7. Most importantly you will network with other social artists and my friends and will instantly meet people who can be business contacts, wingmen, or of course girlfriends.

When you hover over a calendar date you will find a link to the google calendar event page so you can add it to your calendar. Prices are as listed and PE stands for “Plus expenses.” Below the calendar you will see some of the specifics for the event. 

If you have any questions contact me at for more info.

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