Avatar basics: or how to avoid chode wear and look like a Jersey shore puke fest

Avatar basics:

AVATAR and best dressing practices

It seems many guys don’t have the foundational info on avatar based on what I’m seeing at lair meetings, student wear, and the arguing that went on with Betzi when she was giving solid advice at our avatar training at her store. More questions have come up with the black friday and christmas sales that are ongoing recently and the wealth of clothing that is bargain priced.

In response I am presenting this adapted info from askmen.com that I have compiled. Askmen.com is a wonderful place to learn how to keep your look fresh and clean and attractive. Well over time, I compiled the following tips.

1. You must dress for your body type. As important you must avoid certain styles to make your look as clean and stylish as possible without accentuating the negatives in your body.

2. Fit is the key, and most guys were baggy ass clothing. Well fitting clothes will at first feel tighter on your body because you aren’t used to them at first.

3. No matter how much you spend, if it doesn’t fit it still looks like shit. Expensive clothes have NOTHING to do with good fit. i.e. look at all the chodes wearing baggy 250 dollar polo shirts.

4. there are LOTS of inexpensive aka “Cheap” clothes that will accentuate what looks good about your bod and hide what you don’t like. (Rugged Wearhouse has been my clothing heaven for 2 years now).

Now down and dirty body-type lessons:

Bulky/overweight/husky men:

1. Absolutely NO horizontal stripes. If you need an example see the movie “The blind side”

    a. This accentuates your belly/stomach area. JUST DONATE ALL THE SHIRTS WITH THIS DESIGN.

2. Avoid diagonal stripes too. Same concept and diagnonal doesn’t make it any better.

3.  Vertical stripes are AWESOME. Pinstripes work well. They elongate your torso and silhouette. Corduroy has same effect. It’s why PUA instructors advise overweight men to wear pinstripe suits.

4. No double vented jackets: Draws too much attention to a big butt. (Sight lines go right down the back with the vents.

5. Single or no vent suit jackets are best for overweight men.

6. If you are purchasing a designed t shirt, make sure the design is on the chest or shoulders, not the abdomen to remove any staring or visual scanning of the abdomen and reduce noticing of the enlarged belly. If the whole shirt is flashy, it just brings attention to your upper body which makes the woman notice your enlarged belly. Smaller prints with spread out designs above the abdomen are best.

7. Fit should be neither too tight nor too baggy. Both make you look larger. PErfect fit (As Betzi taught us as Dapper) is what is needed. Room to move but no extra crinkles.

8. Singular solid colors = better than contrasting colors

    I.E. that means darker top and bottoms or light top and bottoms together make you look slimmer than having contrasting color schemes. (Bright white shirt and dark pants, or dark shirt and bright pants) The less separation of top and bottom parts of your body the better to slim your appearance, so monochrome transitions are best. This also explains why untucking your shirt and not wearing a belt will allow you to look slimmer: More flow from top to bottom. All black works best for slimming effect. I tend to adorn jewelry more or put on accessories as well as buy dark black shirts with small adornments (Colored thread, lapel and cuff enhancements) to break up boring black.

9. No neck wear/turtlenecks

Makes you look like you have a shorter neck which equals fatter in the eyes of women.

10. Better collars if overweight: V-neck makes neck look longer and takes vision away from double chinsWear a belt
A belt will nip in your waistline and make it appear slimmer. Just be
sure not to make it so tight that you have a belly overhang.

Tall and skinny men

1. No vertical stripes: Reduces your bulk and makes you look overly thin and weak

2. Wear horizontal stripes to bulk you up a bit. Best is single stripes across the chest horizontally to flatter and make shoulders look Broader

3. Avoid monochrome/single color: Create contrast to break up bottom and top

Thinner guys have more fun create contrast with more colors of shirts.

4. Layer shirts to make you look more bulky.

5. Avoid round-toe shoes. Square toed shoes Make you look more proportioned.

6. Stay away from skinny jeans unless you are going for the anorexic rocker look. Straight/bootcut jeans will work best

7. Choose lighter colors to make you appear larger,

Short guys

1. Wear square-toed shoes to look professional and taller

Pointy shoes do work if your pants cover most of your shoe, but if not you can get a look of a clown

2. Wear heels on your shoes or elevating shoes that don’t look bulky.

Some boots are designed to hide a large elevator that can give you 4 inches of height or more.

3. If you wear elevating shoes, make sure your pants can handle the extra height.

4. Accessories:

Accentuate areas away from the torso so that they pay less attention to stature. For instance, necklaces, ties, hats. Try the hats that add height that the rock and movie stars are wearing.

5. Design:

Avoid really big prints because they will make a smaller body look smaller. Smaller prints or small print designs throughout the clothing work best. In fact overall the design should be congruent with your body size. (Small prints for shorter guys, medium for medium height, large for taller guys.

6. Jeans: Rise: The smaller the better. If you don’t know what the rise is go to Betzi at Dapper house of style. The rise in your pants is the distance between the crotch of your
pants and the waistband. Shorter men should wear the smallest rise in
their pants that they can get away with (In other words the most snug without hurting your family jewels) because a short rise will elongate your lines and make you look taller. A really long rise
will make you look like you have a flat but, even backwards butt, as well as making what you’ve got in front look nonexistent. A short rise will make your legs look longer,  and avoid making your crotch and
butt area look baggy and devoid of girth… very unattractive

7. Shorter = Choose a slimmer necktie. Fat ties make your body look small in proportion and you take a clown-like appearance.

Other general rules: Use a tailor. Lee’s at the 1st floor of Crabtree Valley Mall across from Kanki has been my savior many a time. I fall in love with a shirt or pants and can’t make it work in it’s current fit? They do their magic in 3 days. I had a high-end jacket with a skull design in the back that I wanted for the playboy mansion since it was so unique. They did the work in 4 days and the arms and shoulders sit perfectly and I was the hit of the party with such unique clothing.

H and M, abercrombie, american eagle. Although inexpensive, brands such as these are easily sniffed out by women.

Classic clean looks last longer than fad-based fashion, so That’s why Dapper is more on my radar, and rarely is Runway because their clothing is more fad based than classic fit and style. Classic can last me 3-4 years after a huge investment vs 1 year on fad-based fashion. (I wish I learned that before buying any affliction, but at at least I bought them from rugged wearhouse for 10 bucks each rather than 90 each retail)

Screen your fashion consultants. Is their advice all about selling you the product and incongruent? Or is their advice solid advice that always makes you look good? Do they pull sale items as well as retail price? That’s why I can endorse Betzi. Her pride in her work shows. She NEVER wants to be embarrassed when someone says where they got their clothes.

My fave stores: Dapper House of Style, Runway, Buckle, Rugged Wearhouse. None of the people or stores mentioned here have given me commission to mention them.



Seated Two Sets lecture

Hey guys!
I just completed a lecture on Udemy.com based on TJ’s student question. He wanted to know my basic style for seated sets. http://www.udemy.com/asset/28913/seated-sets-a-students-question.html

Now TJ is asking because he has actually witnessed one of my seated two set openers on a rooftop club this summer and wondered how I did it so smoothly and got the number in 5 minutes from an hb8 chemist. 2 other students witnessed me at  a local cocktail lounge open a seated 3 set of 3 hb10’s that we found out consisted of a stripper/cocktail waitress/model. They fought over closing me that evening and  it led to me spending two evening with the exotic dancer. This set eventually led to some of my social proof at the local exotic dancer clubs as well, leading to wingman Dionysus dating one of the exotic dancers there. I am still in the social group with these three women! In fact they bring women to me all the time to date if they have never had orgasm too knowing my ability to do no-touch orgasms but that is another story. (See david shade’s products at my website http://masterpickupartists.com for that info on what I do. His “Advanced sexual hypnosis” product is money).

Anyhow, NO I don’t make the woman stand up and spin then I sit down LOL. That still works, but once someone sees that they will amog you as a pickup artist.

Anyhow discuss the lecture on udemy and let me know what you think.

Why Master Pickup Artists use condoms

Yeah. Stay safe and kid-free until you are ready.

Changing of the guard

If you are in So cal, there is a seminar coming up for casanova’s crew. It’s the new blood of pickup… the guys who are innovating and still going out. There is an issue with current theory and training in that the old gurus are mostly NOT going out or creating anything really new. It’s in my zen explanation of game. Once you get good, it’s time to get out or else you’ll end up in pick up limbo, pick up purgatory, where you are dating a lot of women but never really have one or 2 to love.

But the new blood, of which I feel I’m a part of even though I’m older, is taking game to higher levels and faster. People scoff at me when I tell them approach anxiety CAN be eliminated. They scoff when I tell them I rid people of approach anxiety in 1 hour. The scoff when I tell them that I can use hypnosis to adjust inner game in a weekend without waiting 6 months. It’s all happening. But for old gurus, that’s not part of their reality. They still scoff at tapping, which HAS been proven to evoke changes in the limbic system. They used to scoff at learning languages rapidly and now we have millions using Rosetta stone. In the past the used to think NOBODY could ever snow ski like germans and austrians. Then someone opened a school. Then nobody ever thought snowboarding would be a sport. Guess again.

The new guard of Pickup is teaching inner and outer game simultaneously and more rapidly than ever, without having to open 1000 sets. We are using all of the tools and reading the previous books including the newest evolutionary psychology. Acceptance and Committment therapy is the newest I am incorporating. (Sounds a lot like Ross Jeffries’s “Acceptance confidence.”). Anyhow be aware of the newest blood around you. Chances are that they have improved upon the learning paradigm. Check out my lectures on udemy to see my creation… nobody else is teaching it right now.

This weekend: Chris Orleans Featured speaker!

Chris Orleans will be visiting from Canada and he contacted me specifically to get a group of men together to hear him talk day game and rapid fire escalation. The location is secret so email me or join Raleighpua.com for more information. The sign up for the event and info is there but a screening process is in place for new members of raleighpua.com. The talk will be Saturday 2-5 pm and is totally FREE! Come out to meet me at the event as well and let’s talk about how I can improve your game rapidly with one on one or bootcamp coaching.

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