The youtube below has been subject to much controversy in the community. Below is my take on it.

I was a participant in the PUA World Summit and heard a few of the guys on Monday’s vip bootcamp stating how they were on KTLA tv. At first I was interested to hear how the mainstream media was taking on the PUA World Summit. “Thousands of pick up Artists.” PuhLease. more like 200 or so by my count. No official count was made but “thousands” is a huge exaggeration. Anyhow my interest turned to horror after watching this.


The news Clip and the way they clowned it just set back “The community” another 5 years.

Ross Jeffries:

Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. And not in the good “show tunes” and “skin care products for me” way.


that is why you never should do anything like this, they set it up to rip on this…

Gareth Jones, Winner of Best new Blood Award PUA summit 2010:

There is so much fail in this it breaks my heart


@Mindmedia – RJ is right on one subject that the awards were a complete fraud. Although he is not right about the instructors. This video is no show of skill, rather a skit setup by the producers to make PUA’s look bad. Even if the girl liked the approach she did not respond well because of the peanut gallery. It’s a lose, lose scenario because the public is under the impression that we are sleazy and use pickup lines, which is untrue.

Jtheripper plans to do a podcast on what is known as “Black Monday.”

My take. This is terrible. I have been in game, improving my and other men’s lifestyles, and to have my hard work and their hard work cheapened like this is just out of line. The guys who participated in this piece should have been calibrated enough to know to decline for the good of the community. But here’s the mindset as you could feel the energy. “OMG I’m going to be on KTLA, I can put it on my website that I was featured there, youtube it, and then make more sales and up my reputation in pickup!!!!”

Well the tidal wave of reverse karma has occurred. Just about every guru, including one of the ones who participated, are now backtracking. I actually got to see this on Johnny Wolf’s facebook when he first posted it and asked, “Johnny? For real?” Not something I would have posted. Maybe the rattlesnake opener works where he’s teaching scuba diving much in the way a house of horrors is supposed to make a girl jump in your arms at the amusement park. (Never happens) Even the new blood guy Gareth Jones is calling it a big fail. Then to have one of the gurus called out for picking up while married. I COULD HAVE PUKED FOR MAKING US LOOK THAT BAD.

As an mPUA you calibrate all situations. And here’s your real life calibration point. THE COMMUNITY DESERVES AN APOLOGY FOR THESE ACTIONS RIGHT QUICK. AND NOT ONE OF YOU GUYS HAS STOOD UP AND APOLOGIZED FOR YOUR MISCALIBRATED ACTIONS TO MAKE THE COMMUNITY LOOK LIKE FOOLS to the mainstream. The term “Sellout” has been thrown back at me for participating in the PUA summit. This makes me start to believe these students and other puas in the community are right to call me that when the organizers decide to portray us in a negative light rather than positive while we are all celebrating our successes as a group at the summit.

Then there is the faction of ass kissers saying, “Well, it took a lot of balls and effort for them to get up there on tv.” Balls and effort would have been to be at the studio, and then to disagree to the segment because of the dancing monkey aspect.

Guys. Make this right. The response of ridicule on Bravo Pua’s facebook is very well calibrated. The reaction isn’t overreaction. We’ve already had predecessors show you how not to look like a dancing monkey, like Neil Strauss on Jimmy Kimmel, Savoy et al on Dr. Phil, Mystery on Conan. YOU MADE US LOOK LIKE DANCING MONKEYS. NOW FIX IT.

On a lighter note, a girl from Duke’s powerpoints are making the rounds. She is the modern day Nancy Friday. It’s like forbidden flowers from a Dukee. See it here: