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PUA Summit deal!

Las vegas, Jan 9-12. PUA Summit in Las Vegas. Hosted by Vince Kelvin and Nathan PUA, I have been invited to speak once again.
The cost currently is 99 dollars. Click below to purchase your ticket now.


Hope to see you there! I will take reservations for hypnosis sessions at


To bypass this message and purchase your ticket to the pua summit immediately, click below





All The Best Pickup Artists In One Place Once-a-Year

Mailing list participants for Technoslaughter!

If you are interested in a ticket CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO PAYPAL AND PAY the low rate of 99 Dollars to come to the event! —–>


This is the dating skills / pick up artists / seduction community’s convention. As written about in Neil Strauss’ New York Times Bestselling book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”, all the biggest, still active, dating coaches and pick up artist gurus worldwide come together at this ” PickUp Artist Summit “. This weekend’s packed full of the best advice, presentations and opportunities to ask questions and personally interact with the biggest names in the industry… exploding your results with women.



Social Skills are Most Easily Learned Socially

This is a social art and for this information to be useful it must exist and be quickly accessible in the correct hemisphere of your brain. Your statements and behaviors must be a Natural action and not look like you thought about what you said, because that will end your interaction badly every time. That is only accomplished by learning this through interacting with people live, such as listening to a speaker, asking questions, having dialogue, etc. Many of these speakers haven’t presented in this city in years, have no future plans to and you won’t be able to conveniently see anywhere else. It would take years to wait for all of these coaches to pass through town individually.


To Play “About The PUA Summit” Video, Click Here or Image Below

(If you do not see the Picture click on “display images” at the top of this email.

Speaker Videos and Testimonials at




Tyler Durden, antagonist from Neil Strauss’ bestseller “The Game” & founder of RSD, Real Social Dynamics

David Wygant, real coach Will Smith plays in “Hitch”

AFC Adam Lyons, social circle & entourage game

Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, 20 years of NLP/Hypnosis

Hayley Quinn, female advice that’s different

Johnny Sop0rno, p0rn stars and hired guns

MeHow, showing new In-Field footage with play-by-play

Lovedrop, pick up lines and routines

Nathan P., “Best Mixed PickUp Arts” Award Winner

John Keegan, cold-reading and connection The New York Times calls “a ladies man”

Badboy, originator of Direct Game from “The Game”

Nick Rogue, same night seduction

Delphim, herbs and spiritual guidance

Ratisse, “Fastest Escalation” award winner

Radio Wright, “Best Online Dating Coach” award winner

Shaia Wolf, how to find a girlfriend and get your ex girlfriend back

Artisan, “Best Text Game” awarded coach

Steve Hitchens, daygame

Garvelous, being alpha and omega

Chi “Club Dance King”, dance floor game

Kino 5000, touching women

James Hyman, deep emotional release bodywork

Technoslaughter, physician works on anxiety with hypnosis

Brian Halpin, comedy, improv and storytelling

Michelle Terrell, with licenses in areas such as Sexuality & Counseling

Big Will Hicks, from David DeAngelo’s “Interviews With Dating Gurus”

Girls Gone Will, former top videographer for ” Girls Gone Wild “

Philip J, inner-game

Jersey Boy, non-verbals and body language

Lothario, trust and comfort

Eminenz Dellagarde, world-view

and a “Mystery” guest we can’t advertise… =)



Find the True Path That’s Right for Your Personality

Different companies all have such different styles and methods. When first reading this stuff in search for your own personal truth and the best method for you, it can be very confusing. Now you can take action and see them all in one place at one time and figure out in just one weekend whose style you like best and want to follow.



To Play “PUA Summit Testimonials” Video, Click Here or Image Below

(If you do not see the Picture click on “display images” at the top of this email.)


Even Women Recommend PUA World Summit

Speaker Videos and Testimonials at



FREE In The Field Coaching (participation optional)

You also get 1 evening of free IN THE FIELD COACHING included. This way you have the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in the world. Then actually go infield with the speakers doing demonstrations and giving you live professional feedback on your social interactions. Having them help you every step of the way is critical towards having more options with women.




Its happening over one weekend, so you’ll have a 3 day program starting Friday evening with 3 calendar days of seminar (classroom style).

Friday evening, Jan 10th, 2014 6pm–9pm

Saturday, Jan. 11th, 2014 10am–9pm

Sunday, Jan. 12th, 2014 10am–9pm




(Your participation is optional)

The 1 included field-trip night will be later Friday night, so come to the seminar already well-dressed to go directly out for the night after the event. That means a minimum dress code of shoes, collared shirt and no pants or jeans with any type of rips or tears whatsoever.



PUA Summit in Las Vegas

The PickUp Artist Summit will be in Las Vegas, Nevada USA… a city with a long history and a lot going on, such as some of the best sun, casinos, dayclubs, streetgame, malls, nightclubs, restaurants and lounges in America and much, much more. At night, dinner and cocktails, a DJ twin spin or dance beat — nighttime is the right time to discover why Las Vegas is the vacation and party capitol of the world, especially with the camaraderie of new wingmen and lifelong friends you’ll be introduced to on the first day of this historic occurrence. To discourage the usual attempted crashers, the exact Las Vegas event location will remain secret till the day before the event and only released to pre-paid ticket holders, who must bring their printed credit card or Paypal receipt with them as their proof of purchase/ticket.



Guys who are Good with Women TAKE FAST ACTION

Guys who are good with women don’t procrastinate. They pull the trigger even though they’re not guaranteed success. Think about all the times you delayed to analyze and the window of opportunity closed. This behavior spills over into all areas of life. Women want real men who take action. If you can successfully ingrain this into who you are, you’ll very quickly find that one special woman



Money Back Guarantee

Vince Kelvin has immense confidence you’ll love it. If you’re on-time to attend All portions of the event and don’t feel you got your moneys worth, tell Vince Kelvin the last day of the event before it ends and he’ll give your money back.



Space Limited So Act Now

Like all meeting rooms, space here is especially limited and (as in the case of most things) prices will continue to increase as it gets closer to the event and seats become in shorter supply. Sign up now. Print out your receipt and bring it with you for admittance.

If you want to know your past — look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future — look into your present actions.” – Buddhist Saying



Warning! As usual, it will only be this price for the first day. Prices continually go up drastically every few days…

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns only (Not for payment),


See you at the summit!

Thank you!


VINCE “Hollywood” KELVIN


If you are interested in a ticket CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO PAYPAL AND PAY the low rate of 99 Dollars to come to the event! —–>   

VIP = More personalized In-Field Coaching Time & REAL Immersion Lodging

After buying your general admission ticket, you can upgrade to VIP including 1 more night (Sat.) in-field coaching in much smaller groups, front 2 rows seating the whole summit, shared room lodging accommodations at (where the event will most likely be held) during the summit and another 1-on-1 personal coaching session with one of the speakers. The coaches for this will be randomly chosen from among the speakers. It’s an opportunity to live with others on the same path as well as coaches, while learning through osmosis… observing how coaches live their daily lives providing an opportunity to model their behaviors. By staying there you get value far in excess of just the official program hours because you’re together 24/7

You can arrive as early as the day before the event starts and stay until 8am the day after the event ends. You can upgrade to VIP after buying your general admission ticket at and clicking the “VIP Upgrade” button near the bottom. The price of this will also continue to increase drastically as we get closer to the event date. Thank you!

If you have any additional questions comments or concerns only (Not for payment), email . See you at the summit! Thank you.

Exclusive Video: Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson Gives the

If you saw my Ultimate PUA Convention talk, the Mike Tyson HBO movie I spoke about plays this November 16th, tomorrow.
via Facebook Exclusive Video: Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson Gives the Our exclusive video interview with boxing legend Mike Tyson. November 16, 2013 at 12:57AM

A Photographer Persuades Strangers To Do Something Really Odd, And They Totally Love It

My students already know you can change a photo read in 90 seconds and with good social skills. This guy is trying to bend the rules himself. Notice the head positions where he succeeds.
via Facebook A Photographer Persuades Strangers To Do Something Really Odd, And They Totally Love It At a time when people seem addicted to their phones, this kind of connection is totally unexpected. October 20, 2013 at 11:46AM

Don’t Be a Dick: The False Virtues of the Classic Alpha Male

This came out a few years ago, and it seems so many guys are still trying to be alpha 1.0. Alpha 2.0. Assertive vs aggressive. Stand your ground with ease, raise others up. Know your risk. Maintain mutual respect.
via Facebook Don’t Be a Dick: The False Virtues of the Classic Alpha Male Many guys don’t think they can be an October 20, 2013 at 10:49AM

The Solution

IF you haven’t seen Ross Jeffries’s latest products, he’s hit a grand slam with his last program, “Rapid and Total Success With Women.” The video vault of him doing changework with guys and Seducing women is gold in and of itself. Check it out here:
via Facebook The Solution October 16, 2013 at 12:15AM

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