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A video to show a girl when you get her home

Looking for cool things to show a woman on computer when she makes it to your home after a sarge? Looking for an excuse to show her something and get her interested in coming to your home? Number one pretend youtube doesn’t work on your smartphone. Tell her she needs to see this amazing street performer on youtube. When she gets there bust this out.

She will appreciate it and you will score cool points. AGAIN!

All Master Pickup Artists know how to Dougie

Teach your students how to Dougie teach them teach them how to Dougie.

Johnny Wolf, Master Pickup Artist, Secret Kino technique

Click here to read his post. This is gold. Not one I’ve ever used before but it makes perfect sense. Read and apply in field some time.

Facebook Quote of the evening. Mads Larsen.

Why do sexually frustrated men think that once they get some pussy, they become buddist monkes of wisdom?

Mads Larsen

In response to Ross Jeffries quoting himself… “The quality of consciousness you cultivate and bring forward into your challenge is as important as your model for how the challenge works and the tools you use to address it. Cultivate; witness, will and creative consciousness.”


Becoming Your Best “Self”: Master Pickup Artists Explains All

My main observation about poorly calibrated PUA’s is the “Dancing Monkey” phenomenon. All these guys attracting hot girls but not really wanting to expose to these women who they really are. Many PUAs take on the dress and persona of their gurus. I’ve had many people imitate me to a degree and I really don’t like when that is the ultimate goal of their game. This video below explains how I think the game should be approached as a learning process. Many guys need this talk because it’s what distinguishes becoming your best “Self” versus your best imitation of a pua guru.

Mate1 Inc.

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