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Thanks for voting for me!

Welp, I didn’t win the “Best New Blood Award” at the PUA world summit. Gareth Jones won from ABCs of Attraction. Congrats to him! Adam Lyons won Best PUA and CONGRATS to NICK QUICK for fastest guy.

I was proud to present for the first time at the conference and to have the likes of DJ Fuji and Psyche and Epik all amazed at this new skill I taught them with photograph reading. They specifically pulled me out to talk to them and look through their photos. In addition, I had requests from over 30 guys to repeat my talk because they were upset that the newest technique, the freshest information was not in the main schedule. I was glad to repeat the lecture outside of the venue in the middle of the mall. Now get this.

While I was presenting outside, I had a huge crowd close to 15 guys looking at the lecture. 3 beautiful women walk by and ask what i’m doing. I ask if they have a camera. One says yes and hands it to me. I ask her to find a picture of more than 1 person. She picks a pic of the three girls from earlier in the day. I 100% accurately read the photo that they weren’t really good friends and that they just met and she confirms. Then starts picking a bunch of different photos and I am right on. The crowd sees me command the girls. The great timing is that they came and showed the photos, and the VERY NEXT SLIDE was all about the gambit of the best friends test with photos! I did it right in front of them.

One SEVERELY miscalibrated new PUA who is pasting a bunch of bad pua shit on top of his true self starts telling the girls, “Show us pictures of you naked!” and then “Take off your clothes.” I said, “Hey, Tone it down!” and later asked what the fuck he was doing. He says, “I’m trying to be Badboy and Marius with direct game.” I said, “BE RESPECTFUL” and commanded him to treat the ladies with respect. And at the end, told him, “Sometimes an instafuck (Badboy and Marius’s teaching) is RAPE.” (I can’t claim originality on that statement but several of the other gurus said this LOL.

These guys who are new and just getting started have no clue with game that when you teach aggressive direct, they become aggressive douchebag. And worst of all become boars or assholes that won’t get fucked and are so miscalibrated.

So I hand hugged one girl and pumped up her temp. Some guys took a pic and their heads were neutral (They showed me their cell phone pics).

One guy came up and showed his instant success. “OMG I used the photo routine and reading and slept with this girl!” The key is you KNOW she likes you as much as you like her. And that is how you get the win-win-win. Everybody’s hand goes UP! And this lady would agree that she was just as happy as the guy, to find a guy who liked her who was wise enough to know what she wanted.

More on what I learned will be presented to my students. I gained some notoriety and new students. Too bad most are from the west coast.

Tyler Durden was the surprise speaker at the end of the conference from the game and had some great drills for state, tonality, and conversation that I will use with kudos to him.

I feel really good with the many gurus and guys coming to me and congratulating me for having in their opinion, the best lecture with the newest stuff and how it blew their minds that I didn’t have my presentation on the main stage. I’m sure someone will steal it and teach it as their own but I have 60 witnesses that I’m the first to teach it.

Democratius from Germany interviewed me for his German website. That was fun and student Viral was the cameraman!

Also funnily a group of PUAs in a company put a brochure out showing their proof of success in a bunch of pictures. A bunch of guys looked at the brochure and picked out that these guys had 70% photos that showed no attraction. 🙂 My work is done. They are better consumers of this stuff.

PUA World Summit! Get Tics or view Livestream!

Below you will find the schedule of this weekends World Summit. LOL Ross Jeffries has made his opinion known on facebook what he thinks about the summit. “The PUA summit is gay.” Ha HA. Love the guy. But for those of you who know that hetero love comes out from the training, CLICK HERE to get connected to the main site to buy last minute tickets or to join the livestream webcast!!!

Here are the event details and current schedule, subject to change.

September 25-26-(27) Level 3 Nightclub, Hollywood/Highland Mall, 6801
Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA 90028

DAY 1 – Saturday Sept. 25
8:00 am Staff and Production Team meeting
9:30 am All Participants Registration (9:40 am VIPs walk in)
9:50 am Doors Open, Vince Kelvin and Johnny Wolf Welcome Introduction
10:00 – 10:30 am David Wygant
10:30 – 11:00 am Bravo
11:15 – 11:45 am DJ Fuji
11:45 – 12:15 pm James Marshall
12:15 – 12:30 pm El Topo
Lunch 12:30 – 1:30 (1pm to 1:20 pm Kino 5000 and Artisan Workshops in
VIP room – VIPs only)
1:30 – 2:45 pm Female Panel with: Marni from The Wing Girl Method,
Erika Awakening, Alexandra Docter, Amanda Lyons, Jamie Thompson, Erin
Stelzer and Kimberly Seltzer
2:45 – 3:15 pm Brad P.
3:15 – 3:45 pm Vince Kelvin
4:00 – 4.30 pm Mehow
4:30 – 5:00 pm Speer
5:00 Dinner Break (5:30 pm to 5:50 pm Technoslaughter Workshop in VIP
room – VIPs only).
6:00 pm – 6:30 pm Adam Lyons
6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Bad Boy
7:00 pm – 7:50 pm All Star Panel with: Hristiyan, Kino 5000, Artisan,
Michael Hurst, Grandma, Technoslaughter, Gareth Jones, Ratisse, and

DAY TWO: Sunday September 26th
9:00 am All Staff and Production Team
9:45 am Doors open
10:00 – 10:30 am Inner confidence
10:30 11:00 am Marius
11:15 -11:45 am Bonsai
11:45 – 12:15 am Nick Quick
Lunch 12:15 – 1:15 pm (12:45 pm to 1:05 pm Erika Awakening Workshop in
VIP room – VIPs only)
1:15 – 2:30 pm Euro Panel with: Orlando Owen, Darius “Demiocrates”
Kamadeva, and Frederik Satisfaction
2:30 – 3:00 pm 2010 PUA World Awards
3:00 – 3:30 pm Hypnotica
3:30 Break
4:00 – 4:30 pm Brad from Real Social Dynamics
5:00 – 5:30 pm Mystery guest from “The Game”
5:30 Break
5:45 – 7:00 pm All Star Panels with: Brother James, Maven, Blue,
Hydro, Dr. Dennis W. Neder, LA Hitch, Justin Carnahan from Pickup 101,
Steve Myles
7: 00 – 7.30 pm Johnny Wolf
7:30 pm Grand Finale!

Plus a guest star appearances from 21 Convention founder Anthony
Johnson, VH1’s JDOG, Maverik, Achillies, and Brian Begin!

11:00 am to 7:00 pm will include:
– Super State Energizing Session with Vince Kelvin, Erika Awakening
and Orlando Owen!
– Mission workshops throughout the day! Each instructor giving you Day
Game gold nuggets!
– Gurus/students in field rotation Super Sarge-a-thon! Never more than
10 seconds between sets!
Bonus evening session 8:00 to 10:00 pm with special guest and Bad Boy!

The Intellectual Superiority defense shield… Eliminate this frame asap!

Gentlemen and ladies,
I have a new student and he has had very little social interaction throughout his life. And let’s just say our beginnings have been interesting to say the least. But he is a very willing learner so it is absolutely my pleasure to teach him. However he has strong defenses to improvement. Let me explain.

He is quite intelligent and comes from an intelligent family. He lived overseas in multiple countries until he was 10 years old. Then came to the US and had to assimilate and had a hard time of it. Where most of us would think he had an exotic beginning to his life, he sees it as a huge negative.

He comes from a place many of my students come from. Not very social, some insecurities of self, harsh on himself many a time, and perfectionistic with any actions. He is so perfectionistic he avoids interactions with women at times since he won’t be perfect in them, at least in his own defintion and mind. Last evening while listening to his language patterns and thoughts, I noticed a pattern in his jokes and thought patterns. “People magazine. I would never interact with people who read THAT.” “Women 30-38.” This is his strict definition of who he would be willing to date. I noticed a subtle yet very condescending tone towards people of lower quality or intellect, and a very harsh view on himself as well.

He sabotages sarging sessions by being long-winded and talking incessantly on his own intellectual subjects, not sensing the subjects at hand that the people he is interacting with are leading towards. Despite my setting boundaries on his conversation so we can move to sarging, he goes beyond these boundaries talking again stating that he needs to explain himself (As if our intellect is not high enough to understand his statements alone.” At this point he has read very little about game too.

One of my wings in England, Grayboy, and I were talking NLP and the mechanism of this… and he had a great explanation. “Thats a shield ….intellectual superiority… real or imagined… can be a great source of comfort. “They dont like me because they are too stupid to get me” IS a shedload easier on the ego than “They dont like me because I dont understand social dynamics”. Yet less productive. Feeling of Intellectual Superiority = at best thinly disguised condescending attitude.” He and I nailed it on the head what thought process and pattern was going on here.

If you’ve ever read the book “A Confederacy of Dunces,” John Kennedy O’Toole introduces a character that is extremely intelligent, has notebooks full of his thoughts and writings and they are high level intellectual writings on society as a whole. He finds everyone in New Orleans, especially his mother, intellectually inferior to him. He writes long essays and treatises on the subject on how he’s smarter than everyone else. But since he feels he’s the only one who understands them, he now keeps them to himself. His jokes are always tainted with a hidden hint of disdain for his fellow man. This character in literature is intellectual, smart, but debases people. On top of that, despite that high intellect he is only a hot dog salesman.

So people of high intellect, who do not open up to people and get social, will isolate themselves with the excuse and defense that “Well nobody in this world is up there with me, nobody understands me, I must live a lonely life because there are no matches for me and my intellect. I am too picky and my tastes are high that nobody can ever match them.” Easy way out to justify being antisocial and not good with people. “I’m so smart, I’m going to fall in love with a computer terminal and interact this way. I’m going to be a book jockey too.”

The hardest thing was explaining it to him. Because instantly there was a feeling from him that he was being attacked or I was being condescending myself when I used my basic techniques to demo to him his language and thought patterns. As George Orwell taught in Animal Farm, bad writing comes from bad thinking, and bad thinking also creates bad language patterns. But to defend bad thinking, anyone with a counterpoint is condescending themselves, attacking, or just not understanding because of lower intellect.

But my biggest realization was that he had not socialized with society for so long… that he did not have basic calibration ability in human interaction. He did not have that radar in him yet. He did not have the alarm system most of us have when boundaries have been crossed or when people call him on his attitude to those of lesser intellect.

Being a provocative hypnotherapist of the Jorgen Rasmussen school, I confronted him with my reality and truth of the situation and my thoughts on his condescending attitude, his behavior. I really don’t think anyone ever illustrated to him, point blank, how destructive his thoughts were to himself and his relationship to society. He hurt my own feelings several times, questioning me, my ability, and my sexuality. (Umm, you hired me and are now asking if I am Bisexual because bisexuals will teach game better? And when I answered straight, with his logic there was no way I could be the best. Ok. Poor logic!)

Grayboy goes on… “He needs more exposure to people……..not just hot girls but everyone (Grayboy I think you nailed it there). However he would rather talk to you, as you’re obviously intelligent, you’re “on his level” then, not like “regular stupid people.” Thus explains the long conversations and explanations too before sarging.

Then Grayboy throws in this zinger: “Its going to be tough, he will LOVE negging tho if he discovers it! Good luck………………..” I think I’m staying away from that lesson at first. Because subtle condescension is not negging or disqualifying yourself. It is disqualifying EVERYONE ELSE to maintain that you are not socially versed because of their lack of intellect.

Overall we all have different defense mechanisms. But tearing other people down to make yourself feel good is NOT leaving them better than you found them and will lead to more loneliness. People will hang out with you if they feel better about themselves around you. But if you are constantly berating and making fun of people, and not in a teasing way, you are being an intellectual bully and that needs to stop lest you lose any social contacts you may make.

I see this in the community all the time either in discussions of gurus or puas. “He’s not as good as me. I have 177 f closes and he has 20.” “Look he only charges 1000 per bootcamp while I charge 3000.” “I have women students too. he only teaches men.” Anything that can be said to knock down the competition only makes you isolated in the community. This elitist stance and thought process only leads to loneliness. Sure be proud of your achievements, but don’t knock someone else down because of it. Build yourself AND them up.

As Grayboy alluded, the cure for this is EMPATHY. Understanding your fellow man. Getting hobbies, Meeting men and women of all types. Charity work. Because if nobody ever calls you on your bullshit thoughts, you go around thinking bullshit, wondering why you are isolated socially, and thinking that you have to explain things to the extreme due to others’ intellectual inferiority. You justify loneliness by saying, “I’m lonely because I’m superior.”

But if you keep saying that, you end up talking to computers all your life.

Free movie about Boys and Girls Gaming.

This movie is brought to you by an HB who is aware of game who told me about it last night. I feel bad for the mouse, I don’t condone drugs, but it explains many subtle aspects of game that it’s obvious some of the people who do cameos in this movie are in game or instructors wink wink. Enjoy!

The Tranny Next Door

Really? A post about halloween already?

The Tranny Next DoorI’m posting because you have exactly 2 months to think up a great costume for this halloween coming up. My reminder of the time to start thinking something up is when I get my invite to Karma Playboy Mansion Halloween party (Which just came in email today, Oct 30, 2010 will be the date, Playboy Mansion Beverly Hills is the place).

Because you have this much time, you don’t have to go out as a facebook page complete with wall that people use marker to leave messages on. That was last year PUA costume. The year before was twitter. The year before was myspace. And don’t be funny or die. However if anyone can pull off the little kid who dances to Flo Rida’s “Low” on Youtube then you got my vote for funniest.

2 years ago I had a great time and dressed up as the “tranny next door.” A male version of a playboy bunny, dressed as sexy as possible, shaved legs and all. I was so popular even some playmates and Hugh Hefner’s girls were stopping me to chat and take pictures. The costume can make or break the night. (Just ask Nick Quick about his super sperm costume LOL).

So here are some of my favorite places to shop. I’ve been able to get some discount deals setup with these vendors to help you on your way to searching and buying costumes:

10% Off All Orders From SpiritHalloween! Use Promotional Code: SPRT10. Valid 9/1/10 – 9/30/10

Trick or Treat! Here Comes Halloween! Use coupon HALLOWCJ10 and Save an Extra 50% off any style

And we can’t leave out the ladies. This site here caters to high end club wear halloween costumes to make your lady look sexy as ever.
Whether you are going for spooky or sexy this Halloween season get 25% off costumes at! Use Code: AMIHLWRG25 Exp. 10/31

Have fun coming up with costume ideas!

BTW my costume for Halloween at the Playboy mansion cost me 400 dollars. And was worth every Friggin cent I spent. Custom corset from Meschantes’ corsetry so my corset was the same quality as the playmates’, bunny ears, stockings from Victoria’s Secret. Putting the costume together itself was a great daygame exercise let alone the buzz and attention I got. That year I was “That guy” during the party and made many life-long Hollywood friends…
The Tranny Next Door

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