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The Theory of the Mind. How NLP, Hypnosis, EFT Work to train PUAs

Hey guys!
New video lecture for ya!

You click this link to go to it. It is embedded in the website. Please share it with your friends. html://

I also have a new lecture thread at I’m also proud to announce that udemy will feature my photograph forensics lecture for a fee, 14 dollars, in the near future. See what all the buzz was about and why I was the only person asked to repeat his lecture for content during the PUA World Summit September 2010. That will be up in the next few days. (Adam Lyons repeated his lecture because the video recording equipment went down. Not the same. Although he had a kick ass lecture as well). My lecture was NOT recorded for the PUA World Summit and I am happy it gives me the opportunity to teach it to you in Udemy lecture format.

For now enjoy the free lectures I am presenting here and at Sign up for the lecture series and you will be notified of new ones.


So last night 2 students came out free of charge since we were social not student-teacher (but I always teach of course) and my wingman’s band played. DHV from entering and knowing the band and their very hot girlfriends and groupies so social proof is always good for me and the students when we see wingman play.

Students tentative on opening. I opened the same sets later (Or rather I was opened by them) and had number and kiss closed to show how important presence, having goal direction and waypoints are. One student forgot what IOI’s were but he’s excused because he just got out of a long term relationship with someone who was in the movie “I know what you did last summer.”

I was dressed up in a non-social costume: Kung fu master from the 70’s. But despite this obstacle and the women not knowing what I looked like, it was great to see social proof and storytelling/banter/NLP works even if you look 112 years old.

My best gambit? People coming up to me and saying, “Oh wise confucious, what wisdom do you have?” My answer: “Take it up the ass!” Everyone loved it. Except for one who was offended. I kiss closed that one.

My usual advice for halloween. Have fun. Hang out with friends, and have fun with the women’s costumes. THEY ARE GIVING YOU THE OPENER just don’t be like everyone else.

Girl dressed up as Top Gun: You can be my wingman anytime
Girl dressed as Baby from Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts baby in the corner
Girl Dressed as Alice in Wonderland: Get ready to fall through the rabbit hole

My most favorite thing is guessing girl’s costumes wrong. I did it last night, not on purpose. Saw a girl in white collared shirt and messy hair. “Tom Cruise from Risky Business.” She Answered, “NO! I’m the Walk of Shame!”

Me: “Well at least you aren’t the Halloween Walk of Shame where you have clown makeup smeared all over the place including your genitals and have to walk home in a raggedy ann costume.” number.

Guru Black Book Program

Hey Guys,
If you have not heard about it by now the Guru Black Book is a program that helps you with your specific sticking points. Here’s the deal, you go through a questionnaire, (which is actually quite accurate) and it pinpoints your sticking points you are working on. Then you get segmented out to your sticking points and the answers of 28 of the top gurus out there (And soon to be more).

The premise: Not every guru’s answer is right for you. Some are players, some are true dating coaches, some are women, some are like me trying to teach you the top ways to get the top women in mind and body.

Check it out for yourself. You may see me as one of the gurus on the program giving my answers. But my only beef? THEY AREN’T STICKING POINTS. They are improvement opportunities. Calling them “Sticking points” only sticks them back to you! It’s bad NLP framing to call them sticking points.

Head here if you are interested in this program. I think it’s a great premise.

Guru Black Book

Free webinar tomorrow! Sign up to learn about Taking it Infield

Hey guys,
Mike Long, creator of “Mind of Mystery” and the “Project Hollywood” dvd series has asked me to pass along a new set of interviews he is doing for the good of the game. The first one will be tomorrow with Simeon with LIVE webinar q and a to see what he’s been doing since he won season 2 of “The Pick Up Artist.”

On the slate for interviews and Live q and a are our good friends Kosmo, Joe D, and yours truly! I will likely be joining in on the webinar as well to chat it up. Go here to register for one of 1000 slots. This goes out to Mike Long’s huge email listing so make sure you register. original message is below. My interview and Live Q and A will be in November towards the end of the month and I’ll keep you posted. DIonysus will be interviewed as well.


From: Mike Long

Mike Long here…

May I share some news?

You may not have heard from me for several months…

…Or you might have heard from me just last week…

That’s because last week I shared two notices about our
live webinar series, “Taking it Infield”, which begins with
MPUA Simeon, winner of season 2 of VH1’s the Pick-up
Artist, this Saturday, October 30th, at 12 PM Eastern,
12 Noon Pacific…

Here’s a link to register for this webinar fre.e:

(This training event is perfect for anyone who’s ever suffered
from approach anxiety, or who wants to boost their game FAST.)

…But because of a cross up, over 50,000 subscribers
didn’t get those notices yet…

…So if this is the first time you’ve heard of this event, then
now you know why!

(We’ll be sending those out soon if you didn’t hear from us yet!)

Taking it infield

Ever wonder what makes a difference between guys who
zoom ahead in pick up, and guys who struggle?

When Mystery first burst on the scene over 10 years ago, perhaps
his biggest innovation was showing people to “take it infield”.

There have been loads of theory and ideas about how
to get the girl for years…

…But Mystery was the first to really make the idea of getting
out of the realm of ideas…

…And into the world of real results by taking those ideas and
testing them (and getting RESULTS) infield.

This Saturday, October 30th, you’re invited to attend a live fre.e
webinar with Simeon, the winner of season 2 of the Pick up Artist
live online (or on your phone) at 3 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific…

…This is the first of several webinars we have planned, with the
focus on “taking it infield”.

Here’s where to register for this online event fre.e:


What’s the catch?

This online event that you can attend on your computer or by
phone is totally fre.e…

…Now some people will be thinking, ok sounds great…

…What’s the catch?

…But we have agreed to put any sales agenda on the back
burner and make this a true training rap session…

…Behind the scenes details from season 2 of the Pick-up artist…

…Infield pick up insights…

…No holds barred…

Saturday…we’ll do as much as we can…NO CHARGE
and you get to watch and listen too!

Infield “Unfair Advantage”

With that said…

We all businessmen and we will have a SPECIAL
OFFER on the table.

…We’ll be unveiling a new instant access home study course
that can revolutionize your game fast…like *yesterday* fast…

(We call it Infield “Unfair Advantage” and we’re very proud of it!)

You could take advantage if you wish for as little
as a dinner for two at Chipotle.

(I really want you to come and not freak out.)

May I ask a HUGE FAVOR please?

I SERIOUSLY considered attaching a price tag to this Q and A rap
session because GoToWebinar only allows 1000 seats.

1000 and that’s it. I figured if I attached a price and
you registered, you’d be more likely to show up if you’d
paid to get in?

In the end…I decided against charging…

So I’d love to have you come, but PLEASE only
fill out the registration form below if YOU REALLY

That way you aren’t taking someone elses seat and
it really helps me to plan the rap session.

Cool? I really appreciate your help:-)

This is gonna be a heckuva good time.

This is gonna be helpful.

There will be lots of laughter!

Live, Laugh, Love,

Mike Long

P.S. October 30th at 12 Noon Pacific, 3 PM Eastern! Saturday

P.P.S. If you register…Please take a sec to write down the date
and time. I get all depressed when a date stands me up:-)

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Check this list: How to choose and avoid women

This is not that great a list because sometimes you want a woman that has certain characteristics. But the list is a fair warning nonetheless. i teach my students to qualify their women with their REAL wants and needs in a woman. Wants are how she looks. Needs are if she is financially independent and is free thinking and has no daddy issues for example. I need women who don’t try to change my behavior by manipulation.

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