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Sometimes you gotta just funk

Wait, what? This post isn’t anything about pickup? Just about the funk? Well if you don’t like funk stop reading. Don’t listen to this youtube. Funk is how you start vibe. Vibe is the way to learn game. Gambits let you feel vibe. Listen to the meters and you’ll learn how to vibe. Musically at first.

The Basics of Storytelling to Attract Women

My wingman Dionysus just gave this explanation to our yahoo webgroup and I thought it was such good basic info that I wanted to put it up here for you guys. Lots of guys say they can’t tell a story. Most guys in pickup are introverts and have a hard time telling stories to groups and such. The usual recommendations are to take a toastmaster’s course or join their group. There is one online as well. However for basics of learning, there’s three parts to a good story.

One is a good lead in: “you’ll never believe this” “get this” “the funniest thing happened the other day” “you’d never guess what happened to me today”

Two is adding emotions. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON FOR MEN who are usually hunter mentality and just get to the point and tell the facts. Well telling a story that is attractive to women takes more than “Just the facts, ma’am.” That’s how a news story is. Who what when where and how. Some pickup instructors actually make that the basis of their storytelling instruction. However women don’t react to the facts. They react to the EMOTIONS of the story. Ask yourself why romance novels are 100-200 pages long just to lead up to the actual sex scene, if there is one at all. It is pages and pages of description of how the romantic hero walks, talks, looks, smells, smiles, dresses, tastes, sounds etc etc. Every sense you can think of, including the sixth sense of chemistry makes it into the book.

If you want your story about picking watermelons at the grocery store to sound attractive, talk about the feeling, the senses and the emotions of it. How your mom taught you how to pick a ripe melon by thumping it and if it made that perfect sound, had that ripe green color, and feel, it was worth your picking it. It makes the listener actually feel like they are there in the story. “so i’m about to go on stage and bam! This feeling comes over me my stomach gets tied in knots. It’s kinda like that feeling you get when you first meet a really hot guy…”. More advanced students will know how to anchor the story, but to start out with, learn how to tell a story to women, not guys. EMOTION and the 5 sense are the key. Not the 5 “W’s” and an H.

Three is a good ending. A punch line that either gives her the feeling of laughter or of “aww that’s so cute” or “omg” or a feeling of good or connecting emotion. Reread Mystery’s gambits and see how he incorporates this into the story from having to save his stripper girlfriend to the little kid that flips him the finger. It may not be a long story or gambit, but there is always a sensory modality that is titillated in the story.

Just practice your story telling even to your guys and your friends and it will be easier in set. You become good at it over time. Practice makes perfect and just leading the conversation and holding court in the set with your storytelling is a major dhv and valued social skill.

Add to this the skill of tonality, trance voice. Use the voice that you can feel vibrating in your chest. If you place your hand on your chest, you should be able to feel vibration when you talk to allow the use of your trance voice.

Ross Jeffries had an exercise he has taught in past lectures. The “Watermelon” exercise in which you say the word “Watermelon” in several moods. Sexual (Of course), Inquisitive, commanding, curious, intrigued, excited, sad. Take the word through all the emotions and see how easily you can do the same in your stories. That will bring a woman to feel what you are feeling as well. RJ’s teachings in fact go more in depth into the energy you should feel in a sarge rather than how to tell a story, and at times moving through those energies is easier if you are telling a story to do so.

What you will learn over time in the field is that the content of the story becomes less important as you progress and the other skills become more important. Watch out what you speak about too. Having perfect tonality, voice, and emotion while explaining the story of how a doctor took a corn off your foot would not be beneficial. However the story about the guy’s udemy course that taught you how to read photographs, and how you suddenly identified 86 women on your facebook that were attracted to you, and you selected just one, and she ended up throwing you on the bed and giving you a lump from how wild she was… that may be a good story to tell with emotion and description.

Remember, go out and try this stuff out. It’s the only way to learn and improve.

New teleseminar with my favorite guru Johnny sopporno

Here it is:

PUAs who train with me do NOT need this for christmas


FR: Weekend bootcamp successes

P.D. was a weekend student. I met him as one of the acquaintances of my assistant, Viral. One We were watching some infield videos and he came over and all he could say was “No Way!” as he watched Mystery open sets hook and demonstrate IOI’s.

P.D. is an American Hero. Army. Returned from the Gulf only to find that his wife was having an affair. He was a traditional gamer. Nice guy. Offering to provide rides, gifts, and be at the beck and call of every woman he was interested in. Of course his results with women were terrible. He too had been brainwashed by the corporate media that women were attracted by men that gave everything to them without question. Most PUAs know this is not true and that a needy man who gives up everything to women he puts on pedestals only gets put in the friends zone or the nice-guy zone and frustrated that the diamonds/cars/homes/hero paradigm does nothing to attract a woman no matter how many ads on tv or movies or cartoons or chivalry novels say the opposite.

After seeing me and Viral and Koios in action, he saw there was a different way.

This weekend he invested in a bootcamp to finally turn things around so he would NEVER be placed in a position like he was in his divorce nor ever be placed in the friends zone again. In one weekend the results were astonishing. After my base lectures in an abbreviated format, watching some video with Viral, watching us in field, and sarging in field for 2 nights, he got multiple numbers and 1 full close and 1 woman texting him to plan a close. Friends zone no more.

In our first night I used my now-famous 1 hour hypnosis, NLP, EFT session to rid him of approach anxiety. After his first open he was smooth sailing and could not be contained. No hesitation to open any longer.

American Heroes deserve a fighting chance with beautiful women as well, and I am proud to be a part of his education and his growth. Kudos P.D.

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