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Behavioral Change Basics for the Master Pickup Artist Part 2

Behavioral change basics part 2.

One of the most basic plans to behavioral change is called the “Samric” plan. Simple. Attainable. Measurable. Repeatable. Immediate. Controlled by YOU. SAMRIC. If you’ve ever had to take a defensive driving course for too many tickets or speeding, you know this plan because this is how they teach you how to make behavioral changes.

Instead of just learning how to drive the speed limit, a Samric plan could be “To use cruise control more.” It’s simple, attainable, measurable, repeatable, immediate, and you control it. Perfect plan that overall leads to the ultimate goal of driving the speed limit.

So how do we apply this to social arts mastery?

Say your ultimate goal is to get better with women.  If you are reading this it better be. You currently have a set of behaviors related to this goal.

Behaviors are categorized in 3 ways. 1. Ineffective behaviors 2. Short Term Behaviors, 3. Effective behaviors.


1. Ineffective behaviors are those which make matters worse or stagnant. They are unrealistic, unsatisfying, and can be irresponsible at times.

Examples: Not opening. Putting women on a pedestal. Poor body language. Buying girls drinks.

2. Short term behaviors are those which serve as quick fixes that make things better for a time but don’t help your long-term behavior.

Examples: Reading shit tons of material without going out. Peacocking. Gambit learning. Hitting on unsavory women who are easy. Negging all the time. Having a conversation stack. Most of the guys who come to me for training are at this level of game because many fly-by-night PUA companies can only teach this.

3. Effective behaviors: Help you get what you want in a responsible, realistic, and ethical/legal way.  This is what Technostudents in the game have as their ultimate behavioral goal.

Examples: Opening who you are interested in. Doing good things for people. Learning seductive reasoning and eliminating “Sluts vs. Whores” from your vocabulary. Hypnosis.  Tapping. Meditation. Eliminating drinking as a crutch. Wrecking the room to see what’s possible. Always closing. Always opening. Befriending worthy men instead of amogging.

Now you have a benchmark for your behavior. My students have the advantage of seeing me as the example. I elevate all my women and I don’t neg or make them feel bad. You should question your behaviors for effectiveness this way: Ask yourself…

1. IS it responsible? Responsible behavior allows you to meet your needs without restricting others from meeting their needs. You get what you want while respecting the rights of others, especially the women (Does amogging fit in here? It does if it responsibly teaches a guy to stop doing it to his detriment.). The ultimate in responsible is where you and the people around you have their needs met by your behavior.

2. IS it realistic? (Practical. Sensible.). It’s reasonable or attainable. (If your first week you want to set as your behavioral goal to lay a playboy playmate, that’s fine but not realistic in 1 week. some people can pull it off, but you will get into your head and think you are a failure if you don’t set a realistic goal at first that can be a success. Like just plainly opening.

3. IS it Right/Legal/Ethical?  avoid illegal behavior. Simple as that. I know of several gurus teaching “instant rape.”

So the Samric plan is the way to convert ineffective and short term behaviors to effective behaviors. The best way is to make sure all components are covered in the plan and all questions are answered  to the positive as far as effectiveness.

For instance, say you are new to game. You can’t open. What is a good samric plan to change this behavior?

You must first list the behavior you want to change. “I want to open more.”

Second you must answer what new habits you want to develop.

When in a social setting or when I see a woman I’m interested in, I open her all the time.

Third make an action plan.

1. Go out 3 nights a week. (Simple, attainable, measurable just by counting to three, repeatable every week, immediately can be started, controlled by the student. All samric criteria covered.)

2. Open the first set on the right every time I enter the venue both alone or with a wing. (Simple, attainable, measurable, repeatable, immediately can be started, controlled by the student. All samric criteria covered.)

3. Get a wingman, or PUA instruction from MPUA Technoslaughter and FOLLOW HIS DIRECTIONS AND COMMANDS. (Simple, attainable, measurable, repeatable, immediately can be started, controlled by the student for the most part. Samric covered.)

So if your action plan to get better at game is to go out 3 nights a week, open the first set on the right at every venue you enter, and to get instruction from me, do you see how this is an easy way to get effective behavior that steps away from short term or ineffective behaviors? You could easily see how a simple plan can allow you to change your behaviors and get past your improvement opportunities immediately so that you can get further faster in your game. You can hit the waypoints that lead to more fruitful, wonderful relationships with women in faster time.

So pick a behavior you want to change, Choose the simple, attainable goals that will create effective change, and do it consistently until it becomes your new, consistent behavior.

So many men have been through this journey that you know most of the waypoints that can get you to the bedroom consistently and with ease. In fact Neil Strauss wrote “Rules of the Game” with this type of behavioral change journey in mind. And avoid doing it all at once. Keep it simple and attainable.

1. Go out 3-5 nights a week

2. Open  sets in field each time you go out

3. Have a memorized opener to use if you go blank

4. Kino 3 times  each interaction. Thumb wrestle.

5. Learn an esoteric skill. (Cold reading, palm reading, the cube, Tarot, handwriting analysis, Kokology. Magic. Pick one.)

6. Make statements only, no interview questions.

7. Memorize a number close gambit

8. Make a calendar of events that are social that you can invite women to.

9. Listen to Ross Jeffries’s “Nail Your Inner Game” or Hypnotica’s “Sphinx of the Imagination” Nightly to get  needed inner game changes to get congruence.

10. Learn how to state your intent

11. Learn Nick Quick and Epik’s Same Night System’s 5 logistical questions and ask all 5 of a woman during an interaction.

12. Learn 1-2 sexual techniques to have bedroom confidence as taught by David Shade.

13. 1 activity a week related to having an improved/exciting lifestyle (Skydive, house party, scuba, street hockey etc.)

14. Wreck the room: Push your boundaries right when a set is cold or dying.

Now start DOING the things above you need to work on.

Behavioral Change Basics for the Master Pickup Artist Part I

Behavioral Change Basics for the Master Pickup Artist Part I

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen several students just stuck in their learning and old patterns. They a so stuck they just don’t even open even though they are spending their hard earned cash to have me next to them. They are findings their barriers too strong to allow for behavioral change. So with these students in mind I went back to my teaching archives to explain how to make behavioral change more understandable and for them to come up with their own personal, simplified plans for creating behavioral change and blasting through improvement opportunities. (I don’t call them sticking points. It’s a nice marketing ploy to get people stuck so they keep buying products or bootcamps). So this is the first part to explain basic behavioral change. The second part will explain how to make the change easy. Also I just had to take a driving school for speeding, and this is what the instructor helped teach as a way to change my speeding during driving. So it was fresh in my head…


Human behavior is 4 components: doing, thinking, feeling, body reactions.    They are affected by our wants and driven by our needs. So if you imagine that human behavior is a car, the 4 components work like four wheels on a car. They all work together to allow the car to roll along. Our wants steer us like the steering wheel, and our needs are the engine that drives and powers the wheels forward.

All these things are interacting to decide our behavior. We are powered by our needs, steered by our wants, but we have 4 tires affecting our power and ultimate direction: Doing, Thinking, Feeling, and body reactions.

The front wheels are our doing and thinking since this is where we have control on the direction of our behavior. But the only component you have COMPLETE control of is DOING. Doing is the easiest portion of the behavior car to control and change.

Now luckily us top gurus have hypnosis and NLP and tapping to affect the feeling and body reactions and thinking so there is a way to shift those frames and feelings rapidly, but those ultimately are not under your control… moldable but not under your control for the most part.

So when you stay home you aren’t doing. When you stand there and refuse to open, you are not doing. When you are told to wreck the room and you don’t, you are not doing.

You are making a behavior choice by not doing. If this metaphorical car is your behavioral change, by not doing, you are choosing to sit in a car that isn’t moving with the engine running and wasting gas and money at 3.50 per gallon. 

You are a car just sitting there rather than steering to a new direction of purposeful behavior while moving forward. YOU have full control over doing. We want your car doing NASCAR speeds and nearly hitting the walls, but in control. It takes DOING.

So after you read this ponder this question. How important is improving relationships and the ability to attract women to you? How serious are you about it? Do you really want to meet women and attract them and have multiple win win relationships until you find the one or several?

If you don’t improve the relationships aspect of your life, what do you lose?

So if this is truly important to you… WHAT ARE YOU NOW WILLING TO DO TO GET WHAT YOU WANT? 

If you did not answer, “Go out in field as often as I can, open the women I’m interested in and all people, and follow my instructor’s instructions,” Then you may want to rethink what you are doing this for.

Many students currently are acting like a kid in a music lesson. The teacher says “Practice this this week”. The kid goes home and doesn’t practice. The next lesson they still play like shit and have not gained any momentum or improvement in their instrument playing. The teacher still gets paid, but the student has decided even though they want to be a rock star, they don’t want to do what it takes. It’s a passive aggressive tantrum.

Do you really want to change your behaviors and be attractive to women? Doing is the only way to get there. Doing is moving that front wheel drive forward so the behavioral change occurs. IF you don’t do, you really have to question your committment to change and getting all the things you see other guys doing.

Answer this now. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to making changes to your behavior while behind the steering wheel? 


WHAT THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP TO FINALLY MAKE SOME RAPID CHANGES in your behavior. IF you don’t do, your commitment is suspect. If you would rather have your balls grabbed than talk to a woman, I REALLY question your true committment. A guy who refuses to open is a guy who chooses celibacy. However, there are simple steps that can be undertaken to make you commit to smaller changes first that will add up to an overall improvement in your game. That will be in part 2. However make sure you answer the questions about your commitment.


How Pornography Can Affect Your Libido

Destin Gerek, the Erotic Rockstar at who I met at the 2010 Pua World Summit, had posted on facebook this article:  Destin is very aware of the energies of sexuality for men and women, and truly is a rockstar in the sex education field for men and women.  Unlike many PUA gurus out there, he actually has sex with women LOL. It was hilarious sitting on the New Blood Panel with him and seeing him shake his head “no” as a guru from California explained his poor technique at Cunnilingus (Even the said guru thought it was good). You can see Destin Shaking his head and laughing in the PUA World Summit DVD’s and it is a riot to watch.  There is a big difference between a guru who actually is an expert in sexual technique vs a guru who talks about getting lots of women, then struggles when discussing the sexual techniques he uses. So when it comes to male sexuality, Destin has been a great resource of information for me to impart to my students and I highly recommend his programs, especially if you have a need for resolution of issues with sexuality with women and it gets in the way of your game.

This article explains how porn addiction is possible and how, even if not addicted, it can affect your desires for sex and women.  More importantly it gives you an idea why pornography can actually dull your desires in field and your frame of sarging.  The graphs on stamina related to monogamy vs the constant search for different partners is stunning enough. Highly suggested reading despite the in depth coverage.  My recommendation to students is to avoid porn when learning game to allow their desires to amp up in field and make them more sexual. Their sexual energy changes the less porn they watch.  My concern is some PUA products are using porn stars now and despite being education, have a pornographic aspect as they teach sexual techniques. Unfortunately such videos can start the whole cycle and addictive aspects to porn.

So let this article be a caveat to what you could be doing to your sexual energy if you still watch pornography regularly.


Reboot yourself to be a superstar .

Below is  an email I got from my secret email group, technopuastudents. My students share their field reports and their experiences with each other, and below is one that shows you how successful, and different, my training is. In a world where PUA gurus measure their worth in sales and product, gurus like me show you the way out of this needy mentality that the next big gambit or the next big product launch is going to improve your game. The student writing the report is from Los Angeles, the hub of pick up training with more companies centered there than ever. Seeing a difference in my philosophies at the PUA World Summit this past September, he decided to fly out New Years eve weekend to North Carolina to train with me and he’ll admit his game has skyrocketed ever since. He has taken bootcamps from the best known gurus in LA and even a same night lay bootcamp.  But his success had to come from inner reworking rather than more training, and that’s where I came in. 

So as you read below and imagine how his success can be yours too, imagine how you too can succeed in learning a new paradigm in game with my training. This student has not only learned, he has learned HOW to learn the game by what he calls “Rebooting” his system.  The email follows


What’s up guys

I am sharing this idea with you guys to get feedback from all on what do u guys thinks of it .

I have been smacking my brain on why my game has sky rocketed after taking a bootcamp with technoslaughter, what the fuck happened suddenly in the last 2 weeks that fucked it up completely and, why again it is starting to rise exponentially.

My conclusion is that it all came down to rebooting myself. The biggest factor was NOT more material, more newer ideas, not of anything. It is logically contradictory, but the answer is LESS of everything.

Each time I clear my mind, head, body  and energy of a previously held, past belief or filter, I feel awseome. I weed it out of the system, throw it out, and clear the energy.  I am starting to get very aware of my past childhood beliefs that were instilled by my mom, or society, or friends, teachers, etc, etc from my past are coming up and I am spending lot of energy to break them down and remove it from my system.  Then I go through my past experiences , my whole past life and it strikes me like a thunderbolt and I actually see, and feel the , real ‘reality’ in a different way .  (it is a big fuck up that I did not mention my dad in here, but now I am starting to realize that he is actually fucking very awesome and most of his beliefs… if he would have made an effort to not let my mother brainwash me,… then would have allowed a completely different life story for me and him).

For example , I still have this urge to keep looking for ‘ the solution ‘, more and more material, a solution outside yourself, and I realized that I was NOT like this by default , it came down to a fucked up idea that was planted in my head by my mother for various selfish reasons of her own , knowingly or unknowingly , and I don’t blame her for that. Another stupid belief that I picked up on my own, brain washing myself with it was the idea that I need gambits, and magic and all that clown thing to get chicks, and that I am not sufficient by myself. That was in the past, but it is just fucking utter bull shit, and I now know that I am awesome naturally and all I have to do it just be ‘normal’  and be myself and if I get out of my head and start observing whats really happening, without judgement and preconceived filters I am realizing that girls are trying to pick me up, get into my pants and fuck me as soon as possible. When I clear my head and energy and go have some fun, then these incredible things are happening to me, that hit my reality so hard that I have trouble accepting that this is fucking true (with this new belief though when I look into my past experiences, i relate that it was happening to me consistently even before I got into this pickup shit, just that i wasn’t aware of it, obviously because i didn’t believe it in the past , lol, what a self  fulfilling circle, it is hilarious), like, new chicks texting you at midnight to meet up earlier on a Thursday night instead of a weekend afternoon(i was trying to have a afternoon fuck so that I can go out in the evening for more 🙂 ), trying to accommodate you and fuck you before she leaves for her Vegas trip with her gay friends, another girl begging me via text msg to actually stop texting and call her because she wants to ‘meet up’ (fuck me 🙂 ) BEFORE i leave for my trip to Cabo, coz she cant wait for two weeks to get into my pants , lol,etc, etc. How the fuck can I explain these events with my old belief system ? It just doesn’t fit and the structure completely falls away and gives rise to new pillars or beliefs that is more congruent to my present reality.  I am wondering how can you accelerate this change and be more accurate in identifying the limiting filters to break them down first , before instilling new ones , preferably through physical manifestation. I am rebooting myself from now on, that is the way to mastery for me. New things I have realized that are true, girls are constantly trying to get into my pants once I say hi to them, it is simple to get a girl into bed but doesn’t feel easy only due to time and energy required for it, pickup is really simple, it is being made complicated and appear like this herculean task full of rules, limitations, do this not that, etc etc, like a fucking college degree curriculum by these gurus and marketing so that they can get into your head, make it complicated and then sell a ‘solution’ for the ‘problem’ they originally created, fucking scam. I might have broken 1000 pickup rules by now and it doesnt seem to fucking matter at all. Peace.



Below I have included my reply and 2 students’ replies to his email:


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:42 AM, wrote:
> you went through what I and most guys go through. Some success, and then you
> go back to old patterns of thought and behavior. Like you “Need” game to
> attract women. You start worrying you are losing it and you game some more
> to get it back. But the KEY is that you realized what you were doing, and
> got back to the basics of being awesome. (Nobody had to add ANYTHING to what
> you were already doing. You just needed the horseshit cleared out, and some
> eye opening lessons that showed you that you were money, and NOW KNOW IT.
> You are now like that big bear with these fangs and these teeth, and Now you
> know how to kill the bunny.
> the reboot is essential. Many guys NEVER see that they have gone back to old
> habits and thoughts. They don’t have the benefit of writing field reports to
> other guys who can smell the return to old thinking a mile away. You
> remember. the reboot from the phone call we had when you thought you were losing it was me saying, “Nah. You haven’t
> lost it. You’ll go out tonight and find you still have it.” reframed that
> you were money, not going into  a downward spiral. Some guys feel the spiral
> and say it’s happening. Some sense it and immediately say, “ Let’s not have
> that again.” You did the right thing. recognized, called me about it,
> rebooted, and boom you are off and running again.
> It’s comfortable to go back to old  thinking. You are used to it. Do not go
> gentle into that good night.

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 9:30 AM, BH wrote:

I feel ya Dude!  I used to think I needed more material, more game,
and all it did was wear me out and make me not want to bother anymore.
I got more and more try hard, then I would say “fuck it” and not even
bother, rinse repeat.  Now I’m just about self improvement and being
social while spending as little energy ‘trying’ as I can.  And Technoslaughter is
good at picking out where those old habits are still running.

Good feedback is money 😀

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 10:00am MG wrote:
going out with the who gives a fuck is always the best.  My learning lesson for the past month is just go out have fun and be positive and things will attract and pull into you.  
But good shit.
The zen of game is the better you get, the less material you need. If you find yourself buying more material, bootcamps, or training as you progress, you are going down the downward spiral of trying to replace yourself with someone else’s game. Avoid this pitfall by training with gurus like myself that get your best SELF out. Not your best gambit-riddled person.


The Wire Monkey Guy. A Master Pickup Artist Instructor’s Challenge

The Wire Monkey Guy: A Master Pick Up Artist Instruction Challenge

The Wire Monkey Guy is my term for students who came out of poor nurturing environments: environments where there were poorly trained parents, institutionalized care, or poor comfort and touch in relationships. A recent student of mine for dating coaching was one of these guys who many times pose a very serious challenge to teaching the social arts.

He immediately ejected from set. He did not like being touched by a massage therapist with lotion as it brought up severe discomfort.  He did not like people touching his shoulders.  His Kinesthetic touch was very choppy and quick. Overall his approach and inability to be touched as well as to touch was not very soothing to any woman.  Almost like Mark Zuckerberg in the movie “The Social Network” when Facebook hit 1000000 members. He wouldn’t hug Napster’s creator Shawn Fanning.

Getting back to this student of the social arts… his background was he was adopted from an Eastern European country at the age of 6, and was in Eastern European-type orphanages up until that point. If you ever saw the movie “Oliver!” or read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, it was very much like that orphanage without the heavy labor. Not much cuddling. Not much comforting. In other words, he grew up at first in the wire monkey environment.

What do I mean by the Wire Monkey? If you are familiar with basic psychology education, Harry Harlow created a set of experiments with Baby Rhesus monkeys in which some had a wire mother, some had a terry cloth mother, and some had a bottle to give food, and some didn’t. The experiment showed that babies “raised” by the wire monkey had difficulty dealing with stressful situations and did not have an ability to find comfort during them, whereas the ones raised by the terry cloth mother coped better with stressful situations.  Rhesus monkeys with the wire mother would hunch on the ground and show some psychotic behaviors when stressed, whereas the monkeys with the terry cloth mother knew to go to that mother, cling, and then venture. They had better coping skills. They cuddled and stroked. The wire monkey babies were nervous demonstrating some psychotic behaviors. The experiment overall showed the importance of comfort and companionship in social and cognitive development. One ultimate lesson was that institutionalized child care has failures in developing well-adjusted children to well adjusted adults in comparison to having adoptive parents.

So our student was raised in a wire monkey environment. Now most of us in the pickup game are introverts that had a hard time talking to strangers and that’s hard enough psychologically to get through. This guy had that, plus a difficulty with intimacy and in finding comfort during stress and with women, especially with touch.

Now my first recommendation to this student was therapy for his difficulties with touch and intimacy because that will definitely need to be dealt with. The TV show “The Pick Up Artist” Season 2 Episode 4 had a sexologist named Erin who helped the men overcome their fears of touching a woman. Men who grow up in wire monkey environments will likely benefit from such therapy to overcome their fears of intimate touch.  The American Board of Sexologists lists, by state, local sexologists who can help people with these issues. The advice of a family doctor, psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, or a psychologist familiar with these issues could also benefit as well.

 However I also taught him it was ok to have these issues because they are human issues. He was lucky enough to have loving adoptive parents and a large adopted family to help nurture him afterward from the age of 6 up.  Also, social game does not require touch, just being playful and confident and learning how to talk without freezing up or the need for perfection.

We started out on day one getting him out in field to see what happened. First he got nervous and angry that the venue wasn’t large and full. Very strict game definitions were in his head for the “perfect” place to meet women. I did a 3 second countdown and he had all the anchors of stopping and cessation of speech due to a need to be perfect. He had read for 2 years straight tons of pickup material and it was all in his head in a jumbled mess because he never really put it into action or saw someone who actually knew what he was doing use the stuff he was reading about. He got into his head. Finally he decided after investment (And one of my mind release techniques) that he didn’t care about outcome and opened a group of people by talking over his shoulder. “Who lies more. Men or women.” He had read game for 2 years for this moment. They answered! “Women.” “Ok, who cheats more.” “MEN.” 

He succeeded in opening… a country music star. But without much experience “in the field” he ejected telling me he ran out of things to say.

Well me and my wingmen continued with talking with the woman and got her phone number. Despite being the guy who got us into the conversation, he avoided the rest of it.  The wire monkey student continued to roam around and get into his head. We later went to a men’s club and the neck-massage girl touched his neck and back and he got angry. He was obviously uncomfortable with touch and eventually also complained that lotion is too disturbing to be placed on his neck by a woman. “Whoa” I thought. There is a lot going on here.

I told him it’s ok, that therapy was needed, but more importantly that it’s ok to tell women that he has this going on and that he’s working on it. Women are wonderful. They are accommodating. A guy who up front tells them he has some issues with touch that HE IS WORKING ON is vastly more attractive than a guy who hides one issue.  He didn’t realize what I told him was true until day two of our bootcamp.

After a hypnosis session he was on fire. In one venue he opened 30 groups of people to talk… all the sets in the venue. Correction: All the hottest sets in the venue. The next venue: He opened the hottest professional model in town with success. All of his opens were successful. Next we needed to teach him something to say afterward and to continue creating discomfort in himself by staying in the conversation and interaction as long as he could, with touching the women.

During lecture time he continued to go into his head and freeze. Even with the best NLP techniques, he still froze up even if he made small breakthroughs. Comfort was just not in his vocabulary for himself or his game and the wire monkey had a lot to do with it.

The next day he was excited. Hypnosis. Then opening. More relaxed. And he opened less sets and vowed to stay in longer.

I got a text today. He got into a natural conversation with two women with ease. He did a stare contest and guessed where the women were from. He had command of the conversation. He was relaxed the entire time, and was in the conversation for 15 minutes, remaining comfortable.

He still has issues with touch. But with social skills and the truth, he will have many women to help him and work on his issues with the wire monkey upbringing he was unfortunate enough to grow up with. With some therapy from a sexologist, this guy will be social, AND have his intimacy issues improving. More importantly, owning his situation and being able to tell the right women his vulnerability with touch will make them that much more endeared to him and his situation that they will accommodate him. He is after all a soldier as well and deserves to have relationships for all the sacrifices he’s made for our country.

So in conclusion the above is mentioned just to show that even men from the hardest of backgrounds can become fun, playful, and social. They can also be directed to the resources they need to improve their lives and be more whole. Every man deserves this, especially one who has survived as long as him and who is a hero of the American Military. Many a master pickup artist has given up on these guys because of these backgrounds. By showing them the way, they don’t have to live a life of stress and discomfort in social situations.

If you know someone who has grown up in un-nurturing environments or who has significant intimacy issues, make sure they know that there is some help out there rather than allowing them to live a frustrated, lonely life.  Training in the Social Arts under a well-trained instructor provides the ability to talk to members of the opposite sex. Coupled with sexual therapy, the Wire Monkey guy can become his best self, no longer unsure of how to handle human contact.

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