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I have retired from public speaking circuit, but am still available for training on one-on-one basis only. Email Email technoslaughter@masterpickupartists.com for more info, and place “pua training” in the subject line


Dates and times are currently private. Email to inquire on the next bootcamp. Prices on request. More importantly, long term training packages of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months are available with deeper discounts as you increase time. This is the preferred training method and the most economical for your needs.


If interested in one on one or small group bootcamps, email me at technoslaughter@masterpickupartists.com to get in.


I am proud to announce some of my free lectures and paid lectures are now on udemy! My famous photoreading lecture is now up. Go to the link on the right on photo forensics. Click the lectures. Current price is 20 dollars and will be rising to 30 dollars in the next few weeks so CLICK HERE NOW before the price goes up. I’ve been getting awesome feedback from the gurus at the PUA world summit where I first presented the info.


http://notouchorgasm.com is now online! I have been lucky enough to do shows locally in Raleigh where I demo this technique and the buzz has been amazing. I will be blogging about my experiences in teaching men and women how to experience hypnotic orgasms. David Shade’s products will be featured since they taught me the most about this subject, but there are many other products on the way that I have been exposed to.


Bootcamps have been booked for the past few weekends. If you are interested please
Email technoslaughter@masterpickupartists.com for details and info.


Welcome to the frontpage of Masterpickupartists.com!

What is Master Pickup Artists dot com? Well have you ever paid tons of money for dates with nothing to show for it? Do you buy drink after drink at a bar for women only to go home empty handed or empty in the wallet? Are you always in the dreaded “Friends Zone?” Do women always talk to you about sex… with other men? Have you ever dedicated your life to a woman only to be cheated on, used, or humiliated? Have you been spending tons of money on cars, houses, and busted your butt to get a great education and job, only to find women still aren’t attracted to you despite these attributes? Have you tried your hand at online dating and never got a reply back after paying the monthly fees?

Well you are not alone!

And you don’t have to accept this hand that life has given you. You now have the opportunity to learn how to turn it all around and have a successful dating life and find women who deserve you! Master social dynamics and dating instructor Technoslaughter is like the bassmaster teaching you how to fish. He is a Master Pickup Artist and can teach you the social arts like nobody else can.

Why travel to NYC or LA or anywhere else for this training when one of the best is right HERE in North Carolina? Techno has been teaching men in Raleigh for more than 8 years and has brought his students great success. marriage, long term dating relationships, losing their viriginity, and trips to the Playboy Mansion. Could you imagine yourself taking that opportunity and succeeding?

Techno is also economical. Less travel, and the cost is 1/3 that of the larger companies who can’t give you the individual attention that Techno can. Just look at his testimonials page to see what his students are saying about him. See why he was nominated in the top dating instructors of the year at the 2010 PUA World Summit in Hollywood, CA, and was given the award for most Cerebral game instructor by Vince Kelvin at the PUA World Summit in 2014. He was voted in the top coaches in the world in 2012 by Casanova Crew, a top group in California.

Techno has been in the PUA community since 2006 after a divorce left him lonely and at rock bottom as far as relationships. Trust us, his story was as bad if not worse than most other guys. It was so bad that he HAD to do something to improve his situation. He had his epiphany when he saw The Pickup Artist TV show and joined Project Hollywood, Area 51 online Yahoo Group and gained notoriety as one of the leaders in the group: He posted his Field Reports from his beginnings as an Average Frustrated Chump to his realization that all of us are actually Average Frustrated Naturals, that with good training, all of us can succeed. Most of his trainings in the Raleigh, NC area but he does travel by special request.

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Technoslaughter has trained with and been hired to for the best. He gives kudos to Kosmo, Joe D (Joseph Doyle), Mystery, Matador, Mighty Baron, Dozer, Salvino, Neil Strauss, Mike Long, and Ross Jeffries as his direct influences in the game and has received direct instruction from most of them.

Technoslaughter took his experiences to create a new training method with his wingman, Dionysus, known as the “Reunion.” At reunions, we bring PUAs of all skills together, talk new theory and give advanced lectures, and most importantly go out in field to learn the techniques the other puas use in order to amp up success in the game.

With reunions we have made amazing discoveries and all have become synthesized/hybrid puas: Ones who can mix and mingle any style and any concept into a conceptual framework of “the best self.” The best-self pua is never a slave to any one method or theory. The best self has the ability to use all the schools of pick up to his advantage and does so in a loving, mature manner that is win-win-win for the PUA, their wingmen, and their ladies, and enhances their lives.

Technoslaughter’s blog is tabbed at the top of this page. See what he’s up to.

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Look, we don’t know where you’ve been or where you are in your training, but there’s a good chance we’ve been there. If your current techniques are not getting you to where you truly want to be, maybe we owe it to ourselves to talk. We will keep your identity discreet and not post your photo or name.  We understand the need for keeping your training under wraps. It’s also why techno keeps his identity under wraps so you won’t be exposed while training.

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Techno Attracts the Models and "Deal or No Deal" Girl

Gaming the Playboy Mansion

As seen in Cosmo UK magazine (the raunchier version!)


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